Hi! I am Shashank. I am a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am currently doing my master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My primary interests are in the fields of computer architecture, operating systems and VLSI.

Few of my skills are:

A few years back I used to do freelance graphic designing as Motion Blur. And now I decided to go ahead with the same name for the blog too. The idea of this blog is to share few things I am learning about so that I can understand it better and hope someone else can make use of it too.

I aim to contribute more to opensource, be it code, documentation or issues.

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Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia
May 2023
  • Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) with concentration in Comp. Systems & S/W and VLSI
  • Relevant course work: Adv Computer Architecture, Adv Programming Techniques, Digital Systems Test
  • GPA 4.0/4.0
R V College of Engineering (RVCE), Bengaluru, India
Engineering Intern
Feb 2021 − July 2021
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • Relevant course work: Digital VLSI Design, Low Power VLSI, Digital Circuit Design
  • GPA 9.55/10, 5th in Batch of 220.
  • Best outstanding student 2021

Previous Experience

Analog Devices Bangalore, India
Engineering Intern
Feb 2021 − July 2021
  • Worked on Digital Fault Injection(DFI) process on an ASIC for Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Understood and implemented the flow for managing the DFI process using commercially available solutions.
  • Designed 6 tests and workflow for SPI block of the System on Chip (SOC) to achieve 96% coverage.
  • Documented the workflow and wrote scripts to ease DFI setup bringup.
Analog Devices Bangalore, India
Applications Design Intern
Jun 2020 − Aug 2020
  • Implemented digital FIR and IIR filters using MATLAB and SystemVerilog
  • Designed test benches and verified performance metrics like frequency cut off, gain, Signal to Noise ratio (SNR).
  • Automated the characterization of these filters using Python to generate inputs and visualize outputs dynamically.
Team Chimera (Formula SAE team), R V College of Engineering
Safety Circuits and Information Systems Engineer
Aug 2018 − May 2021
  • Worked on component-level designing, prototyping, and testing of circuits like brake system plausibility device and insulation monitoring device that enhance driver safety in electric cars.
  • Managed a group of 5 as a part of the safety circuits sub system. Served as the Electrical Systems Officer (ESO) at Formula Bharat 2020.
  • Developed the driver information system on the dashboard by using PHYTEC, an ARM based Single Board Linux Computer to communicate between Kelly Motor Controller and LinearTech BMS using CAN protocol.
  • Participated in the 2019 and 2020 editions of Formula Bharat, a national level engineering design competition held.
Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
Research Intern
Jun 2019 − July 2019
  • Worked on the self-driving car project by IISc and Wipro (WIRIN) in a team of four. Implemented a RaspberryPi and Arduino based system to collect sensor data and visualize it in real-time for the ADAS.
  • Developed a data acquisition system that collects data from various physiological sensor signal such as ECG, PPG, Heart rate sensor. Synchronized data collection from various sources using NTP and optimized data transmission between controllers and sensors.


Optimised Test Vector reordering for an FSM Feb 2021 − May 2021

  • Description: Designed an adaptive Low Power TPG and Optimized ORA for an FSM based Power On Self Test
  • Individual Role: Worked on implementing adaptive test vector reordering based on A* algorithm to implement the test pattern generator in Python. Used iVerilog and BooM to implement a 16 stage FSM as a test circuit to verify the adaptive reordering method that optimises coverage and reduces transitions. Achieved 94% fault coverage on the test circuit.
  • Document about FSM design: Publication
  • With Rakshak Udupa TS

Development of FPGA Based Image Filtering for medical application Feb 2020 − Apr 2020

  • Description: Optimized real-time image filtering process on FPGA by improving data acquisition process and implemented matrix operations on the image in an efficient way in a team of 2. The output was compared for quality and speed with different implementations.
  • Publication: Sowmya K.B., Rakshak Udupa T.S., Holla S.K. (2021) Implementation of an FPGA Real-Time Configurable System for Enhancement of Lung and Heart Images. In: Khelassi A., Estrela V.V. (eds) Advances in Multidisciplinary Medical Technologies - Engineering, Modeling and Findings. Springer, Cham. Publication
  • With Rakshak Udupa TS

Simulate Out-of-Order Pipelined processor Aug 2021 − Sept 2021

  • Description: Simulated 5 stage pipeline processor in C++. Simulation of data forwarding at memory and execute stages to reduce stalls due to RAW hazards was done. Gshare branch predictor was simulated to study the stalls caused due to misprediction. In the second part of the project, Out of Order processors using reorder buffers was simulated


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